How Much Does a Wedding Cost in Switzerland?

Switzerland is home to seemingly endless natural beauty – snow-capped Alpine peaks, crystal clear lakes, emerald valleys, glaciers and quaint lakeside hamlets. It’s no surprise, then, that increasing numbers of international couples are choosing to get married in Switzerland.

According to a recent article, the average couple spends CHF 30,000 to CHF 40,000 on their wedding in Switzerland. This doesn’t include the cost of the dress, suit, rings or the honeymoon! So, what does that price tag cover? You have questions, and I have answers to help you budget the cost of your wedding in Switzerland.

So, what does a wedding include? 

The term “wedding” is broad. So, let’s break it down. The overall cost of your wedding will most likely include some variation of the following:

  • Venue
  • Wedding Planner
  • Entertainment
  • Photographer and/or Videographer
  • Save-the-Dates, Invitations, and other Stationery
  • Bridal Party Gifts and Favors
  • Rehearsal Dinner or Welcome Party
  • Hair and Makeup Services
  • Flowers
  • Decorations
  • Lodging
  • Transportation
  • Wedding Cake
  • Catering
  • Rentals
  • Wedding Band or DJ

It may look overwhelming, but remember: the more you know, the more you can plan in advance to avoid stress or exceeding your budget!

And, what does all of this cost? 

I hit the books and did some research to provide a clearer understanding of the average cost of each element of your wedding in Switzerland.

First things first: choosing your venue will dictate a large majority of your remaining wedding costs. When you start venue searching, be aware of what kind of venues you are visiting: is it a full-service, all-inclusive venue or a blank space venue where you’ll need to plan for additional services?

For example, the Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne falls into the category of a full-service venue, as they provide all rentals, all food and beverage is handled in-house, as well as staffing and a dedicated event manager. Full-service venues in Switzerland can fall in the price range of CHF 30,000+ (estimated at 100 guests).

When considering a blank space venue, you’ll need to factor in the venue rental cost, rentals, catering and beverage service, as well as décor. I’ve outlined average prices in Switzerland for each category below.

Venue: CHF 3,000 – CHF 7,500

Rentals: CHF 3,700 – CHF5,000

Catering: CHF 10,000 – CHF 14,000+

Beverage Service: CHF 3,000 – CHF 7,000+

Okay, you have your venue. Now what? 

Like we mentioned above, securing your venue provides you with a starting point for planning the additional elements for your wedding. After some research, I’ve outlined some general costs associated with Swiss wedding vendors and other wedding costs. Remember, these are only averages!

Save-the-Dates: CHF 100 – CHF 400+

Invitations: CHF 400 – CHF 1,000+

Bridal Party Gifts and Favors: CHF 100 – CHF 400+

Wedding Planner: CHF 3,000 – CHF 9,000+

DJ: CHF 800 – CHF 2,000+
Live Band: CHF 1,000 – CHF 5,000+
Soloist and Ensemble: CHF 500 – CHF 1,500+

Photographer: CHF 1,500 – CHF 5,000+

Videographer: CHF 1,200 – CHF 3,000+

Makeup, Hair, and Salon Services: CHF 200 – CHF 400+ (per person)

Flowers: CHF 1,500 – CHF 9,000+

Wedding Cake: CHF 500 – CHF 1,200+

Lodging: CHF 150 – CHF 700+ (per night)

Transportation: CHF 600 – CHF 1,400+

If you’re starting to panic, take a deep breath. Before you get overwhelmed by the thought of paying for your wedding, sit down and prioritize the elements that are most important to you. Think about the look, the style, the people, and the emotions—all the pieces that will make your wedding unique to you two. And remember that, no matter what anyone tells you, it really is possible to have a perfect (for you) wedding on whatever budget you have.


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